brochure front panel

…on opening the brochure, you discover the wheel turns to reveal four more sets of messages on the inside.

The marketing campaign for the year revolved around an automobile / traffic theme. This was the second piece in the series of four.

inside panels


Drawing Conclusions developed the concept, wrote the copy and designed this self-mailer brochure. It captured attention quickly, in part because of its unique size of 6.5" wide x 7" high, but even more so due to the wheel on the right hand side.

You can see one message in the car windshield that is continued on the license plate and a strong company attribute under the right side mirror. By turning the wheel, the reader can find two additional sets of messages, all written to, pardon the pun, “drive” home the client’s advertising about the benefits of working with them.

But it doesn’t stop there…