left opening trifold

It’s About the Community

An annual report to summarize the pro bono and community involvement by Tucker Arensburg attorneys featured a story about a prisoner who was helped by the law firm’s pro bono services.

This trifold which tells the prisoner's story, features diecuts to achieve two purposes. When closed, the brochure diecuts serve as  frames around close-up faces making a direct connection with the community.

When opened, the empty diecut space under the story of the prisoner creates a feeling of jail cell bars, with the reader looking out from the cell.

The trifold also contained graphs and statistics for the year. The folded piece is 7.25" square and was presented in a translucent envelope.

various advertisements

two of the three panels (third panel not shown to maintain confidentiality)

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
                                                                                                     Rudyard Kipling

This advertising campaign for Tucker Arensburg used strong, powerful and emotional quotations in each of the ads. They were placed in various magazines, newspapers and program books, and were of various sizes. The content was written for each specific audience, for example, the ballet slippers ad was placed in a program book supporting a dance foundation.

Drawing Conclusions designed the ad series to have a cohesive, consistent look to aid in the campaign branding. We also selected the imagery for each quote. The full campaign consisted of more than 25 ads over the course of a year.