front and back brochure covers

Nothing Shady About It

Beautiful photographs speak volumes about the happy children at Shady Lane, a development center for early childhood education. By designing Shady Lane’s brochure to be photography-intensive, Drawing Conclusions was able to prominently feature the teachers and students, and at the same time clearly outline the school’s benefits.

With a goal to layout three distinct messages for three different audiences, we used a colorful border to help delineate the different sections. The use of quotations in a handwritten font also lent a playful, childlike feel to the brochure design.

Finished size is 8.75" x 6" and the inside back panel is a diecut pocket with business card half moon slits. The complete brochure is 12 pages and printed on high gloss stock to make the images pop. This one got an A+.

inside spread

inside back cover with diecut pocket