This Time, it’s Preaching FOR the Choir

The Pittsburgh Camerata sends a brochure each year to announce its concerts. The brochure also includes a tear-off order form for tickets. By changing from their previous format to this double gatefold, we gave a bigger voice to the information which became more noticable in the mail.

An oversized postcard is also sent in advance of each concert.

Drawing Conclusions designed the brochure and the coordinating postcard
series. Each postcard has its own look while retaining the imagery inside the brochure.

brochure gatefold

This year, the formal script letter R was the tying thread for all the materials. Each concert used a word, such as Reunited, as part of its title.

By letting the R cross the opening, we
created an inviting and artistically
pleasing entrance to the brochure. We
also used a renaissance-style background for depth and interest.

brochure front cover and

one postcard sample