trifold and postcard

Clean as a Whistle

Neat Fleet is a residential and commercial cleaning company that wanted a marketing piece to give to its potential corporate customers. They also wanted a way to customize the materials with interchangeable inserts that would be modified occasionally.

A basic trifold brochure would not give Neat Fleet the flexibility they needed, so Drawing Conclusions designed a standard-size pocket folder, but with a twist. A four-page brochure was saddle-stitched between the inside front cover and the pocket.

We also designed a template for the inserts, making changes efficient and easy. It worked great and helped Neat Fleet to acquire new customers. It was a clean sweep.


inside pages and pocket with inserts

But what about residential customers, you ask? In this case, a trifold brochure made perfect sense. Taking content from the larger marketing piece, we created a trifold to highlight cleaning features with call-outs. It was informative and easy to read.

Drawing Conclusions also helped Neat Fleet develop a direct mail postcard that was zip code specific to target their audience with more focus.

Oh, and we also used high gloss on all the materials to make them “shine.”