infographic inserts

inside pocket

It’s Not Just a Folder

This marketing service provider wanted a capabilities piece that would serve as a ‘leave-behind’ brochure for its sales staff and potential customers. The goal was to easily and quickly showcase its full range of services beyond printing, and allow the sales team to customize it based on their customers’ needs.

Rather than designing a typical brochure, Drawing Conclusions designed a pocket folder that featured an icon for each of the eight services the printing company offers. The icons then became an identifying mark and color code for each service.

We created a die-cut insert for each service, matching the color-coded icons.

The sales team could include any or all of the inserts as needed.

folder front cover

Drawing Conclusions designed each of the eight inserts
as an infographic to impart a lot of information quickly,
yet still keep the page easy to read. You’ll see how the
company’s brand and color palette are successfully
carried throughout the project.