Home, Sweet Home

Drawing Conclusions does more than just provide graphic design. We consult with our clients to help them get their message out in the best way possible, while still being unique, affordable and functional. We suggested multiple options for the client to include customized fact sheets and also emboss the brochure with their certifying seal.

Drawing Conclusions advised and designed a solution that is creative, attractive and utilitarian.

By integrating a diecut pocket on the inside back cover, we helped Home Evolutions achieve two goals.

1.    They can now include customized inserts and change them as needed.

2.    The company also wanted to emboss the brochure with its CAPS certified seal to confirm their credibility and experience. The centered circular area on the diecut pocket was designed to house the emboss, giving it high visibility.

Ample white space and text wraps in the brochure do more than make for easy reading. They also give a subliminal message that the home construction would also be spacious, roomy and comfortable.

We started with a 9” x 9” square format to give the brochure high noticeability when displayed with any other publications. It is eight pages and a self-cover. The design includes custom photography to display features of the company’s specilization.