map when unfolded

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Side two continues the journey from Cumberland, MD to downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Don’t Leave Home Without It

With the completion of the 335-mile, off-road trail from Washington DC to Pittsburgh, cyclists and hikers needed a way-finder for landmarks and resources.

Enter GAPmap.

Drawing Conclusions collaborated with the GAPmap owner to help develop the map to include everything a cyclist or hiker might need for a one day or multi-day trip.

Its convenient size when folded — 3.25 wide x 5.5 — fits easily in a pocket and opens up to a spectacular 19.25 wide x 16.25 high.

We designed easy-to-read, color-coded icons for things like towns, parking, food, water, lodging, restrooms and photo opps. Distances are big, bold and red, so you know just how much farther to that ice cream cone or beer. We drew the major streets, streams, hiking  trails and road markers. We even included an elevation and mileage chart. Tunnels and viaducts are featured and so are canal locks.

Did we mention the map is FREE?

With all this information, what are you waiting for? Go out and play!