French Kiss hinted an an affair. Romantic smoke forms the word “kiss” and draws in the reader. This poster also complements the original brochure colors.

Music to Your Ears

Drawing Conclusions was asked to create a look for a three-concert series for Bach Choir, including a season logo. They chose the title “MASSive” to present a series of Masses spanning three centuries of music. The logo needed to work as an overall design and also lend itself to each unique concert, appearing differently, but cohesive.

The materials included a brochure that outlines the complete concert season, and then individual concert direct mail postcards and posters in two sizes for each were designed.

We designed a full suite of creative solutions that effectively promoted a unified identity.

Monster Mass was the first concert. Grunging a very traditional clef, adding claw scratches and a silhouetted monster hand created a captivating combination.

All postcards and posters had a unifying header for brand recognition.


A jazzy, fluid type treatment laid over musical notes became the focal point of these posters — a pleasing and noticable result.


The Choir wanted to improve its response rate for the brochure, which contained a ticket order form. To increase interest, we designed the brochure in a unique size, and to give it a tactile sense we added a diagonal cut to the cover. That allowed readers to be intrigued by the high contrast of black and red. Sort of like a little peep toe shoe.

Trifold brochure with angled diecut